Spring/Early Summer 2014 Aurora Collection

Here is the release of my new collection on art for Spring/Early Summer 2014. I have many more that I have already started working on as well. Will be showcasing these paintings as well as past paintings in the Whyte Ave Art Walk July 11-13 (starting in a few hours actually – whee!). If you’d like more details about a piece shown here, please click on the image to be directed to the portfolio page! If you’re interested in a piece, please feel free to contact me at contact@anggeanouveau.com or 1.877.958.8278

Burmis Bright Pair

Through The Woods 01 & 02 Pair  Luminous Lights 01 & 02 Pair

Solar Wings 01-03  Candescent Sweep 01-03 Set

Solar Stretch  Solar Shore Breaks 01 & 02 Pair

Prairie Lights

Lone Sentinel  Over The Hill 02 & 03 Pair  Solar Separation 01 & 02 Pair  Lustrous Inukshuk  Aurora Rising

Ignited Expanse 01 & 02 Pair  Night Watch 01 & 02 Pair

Night Vision 02  Night Glow  Night Vision 01      Curved Candescence  At A Glance


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