2×4 Challenge 2007 – Privacy Screen

Medium: Spruce 2×4
Dimensions: 35½″x27″x¾″
Year: 2007

Private Collection

This was the second year I entered a competition held by NAIT. You had to come up with an original design that was marketable and build it out of a single 8′ long construction grade 2×4, not using any any other materials that exceeded 25% of the weight of the 2×4.

I constructed this screen by shaving very thin pieces of wood off of the 2×4 with a hand plane. I then wove all of these pieces of wood together to form the screens. Once woven, I stained the wood the desired background colour. To add rigidity I poured marine grade epoxy over each screen and applied pressure, this took several layers and several days to do with drying time. Once done I was able to create the frame for the screen and added the three dimensional landscape with carved pieces of wood. The trees were painted on with tinted epoxy and the swirling water effect was added with small beads epoxied on.

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