Miniture Top Hats

Miniture Top Hat 04b Miniture Top Hat 02b

Miniature Top Hats

Dimensions: 7″ diameter x 3″-4″ high

I can make the top hats out of almost any material since they are all hand sewn. Most embellishments are one of a kind and no two hat will ever be the same. The hats can be clipped into an individuals hair with hair pins, small clips or by attaching a head band to the hat through the integrated loops. Each comes with a customized hat stand for displaying when not in use.

Price: Varies on complexity of design, base hat rate is $120 CAD each for a plain hat with no embellishments.

Please contact for more information, to order a commissioned piece, or for purchase of available hat posted on website.

Miniture Top Hat 01b Miniture Top Hat 03Miniture Top Hat 04c Miniture Top Hat 02e