Art in Progress

I usually have a few different pieces of art in the works at any given time. I am currently working on a few of the pieces pictured on this page. If you are interested in any of the paintings that are unfinished, please contact me, I am happy to personalize pieces in progress if they are at a stage where I can, or notify you when the painting is complete and posted online under the portfolio/for sale section.

UPDATE: I just finished a new collection of Northern Lights paintings (at the beginning of October). The canvases pictured below are new ones that I have been working on the last couple of weeks doing the prep.

 New Canvases Christmas 2013

I just finished painting all the stars on them and am looking forward to starting the northern lights. Most will hopefully be done in time for the holidays.

 WIP (12)WIP (10)

I have been playing with wrapping the paintings over the edges of the canvas with a few of the paintings I am doing. This painting (8″x8″) has already sold.

I am exploring different canvas sizes at the moment that have wonderful wood grains and will be producing paintings in the following sizes:

5″x7″               6″x6″               6″x8″               3″x18″

8″x8″               6″x12″             3″x24″             8″x10″

3″x30″             9″x12″             11″x14″           10″x20″

14″x18″           6″x48″             16″x20″           12″x36″

18″x24″           20″x24″           12″x48″           24″x48″

WIP (18)