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Welcome to Anggea Nouveau an online portfolio of work by artist Andrea Loney.

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Starting out in extracurricular art lessons at a young age, Andrea branched off from traditional art after graduating from high school to study Advanced Woodworking and Furniture Design at NAIT.  Still passionate about art and the new found love of wood working, Andrea has tried to bridge the gap between these two mediums. Having focused on pencil portraits and ink doodles in the last few years, she developed a passion for the aurora borealis and the challenge that painting these majestic light-shows offered. She enjoyed experimenting until she could figure out how to capture their beauty and simulate this on wood.welcome-image

The aurora borealis has created wonder in any that have witnessed its magnitude and raw beauty. This light show, on the canvas of the dark night sky, is caused by the atoms and molecules in the atmosphere as they are excited by a brush of solar winds filled with charged particles. This series of acrylic paintings has been a challenge to capture the whimsical dancing movement and depth of colour of the aurora with brush strokes on a wooden canvas. Layering carefully selected and mixed paints in such a manner that the paintings visually appear to glow and shift in varying intensities of light; this effect is most dynamic in a dimmer light just as the real aurora intensifies as light pollution decreases. Capturing this painted effect on camera is difficult and the paintings are best viewed in person.  Each painting is unique and cannot be duplicated as the wood grain of the canvas enhances each piece.